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Tuxedo’s Tales is packed with sweet teachable moments and has a strong emphasis on friendship. This book offers the kind of wisdom kids can use on a daily base. Read more...

The Children's Book Review, June 2015

Tuxedo’s Tales is a wonderful book teaching young children some very good morals, along with being a great story book about Tuxedo a very handsome horse from Argentina. Both our Grandchildren ages 6 and 2 just love it, and I would recommend one as a gift to any children who love horses and country life. The illustrations are beautiful, a great read together and bedtime book. Well done the author, we hope there are more to follow.

Mrs NJ Leppard, June 2015

I’ve just read this book from cover to cover and enjoyed many laughs along the way. It just so happens that I can vouch for the authenticity of Tuxedo as his mom and I would saddle up “our best buddies” and head off for a good canter most mornings in Malaysia along a nice stretch of beach followed by a trot and walk along a rain forest “jungle trail ”. And it’s also true that without the golden heart of the author Tuxedo may not have survived as his healing was a long process that needed infinite time and constant attention. Her compassion and their love for each other was a truly a remarkable thing. So enjoy the book as a true and inspirational story.

Google books, June 2015

This is a beautifully written book by Tuxedo's Mum. Children of all ages and adults alike will be charmed by Tux's year in the countryside, making new friends and his Pearls of Wisdom. To be recommended.

Pserimos, May 2015 (reproduced from Amazon)

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